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Vitamin B12 in Vegetarian Diets

Roman Pawlak 1 , *
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1 Department of Nutrition Science, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, USA
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  • Middle East Journal of Rehabilitation and Health: October 01, 2015, 2 (4); e32907
  • Published Online: October 28, 2015
  • Article Type: Letter
  • Received: October 6, 2015
  • Accepted: October 7, 2015
  • DOI: 10.17795/mejrh-32907

To Cite: Pawlak R. Vitamin B12 in Vegetarian Diets, Middle East J Rehabil Health Stud. 2015 ; 2(4):e32907. doi: 10.17795/mejrh-32907.

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